Mormon Artist Magazine interviews … me

Mormon Artist Magazine has published a fun interview they did with me for their current issue.   I’ve not often been interviewed–just one phone interview where I wound up misquoted–so I appreciate Mormon Artist’s interest in my work and attention to detail during this process.

The pics accompanying are unfortunately not as fine as I’d like, but adverse conditions–high winds for the photo shoot, swarms of biting gnats, a dark work space–conspired against us in all our attempts.   We did what we could under the circumstances, which are always somewhat haphazard at Casa Karamesines.

William and Katherine Morris’ mother Linda actually conducted the interview.   It was a great pleasure to meet the source from whence sprang these two unique and talented blogging associates of mine.   I’ve known William (whom I’ve never met)   for several years now and often wondered where in the world he came from.   At last, more clues!

At WIZ’s companion blog A Motley Vision, I’ve posted, at Katherine’s suggestion, three questions and answers cut from the interview to trim length.


7 thoughts on “Mormon Artist Magazine interviews … me”

  1. I second Wm’s appraisal of the interview (that it’s good, that is, not that I know his mom enjoyed doing it, though I’m sure she did!). I’ve been reading lots of PGK lately (working my way through your online backlog) and this was a special treat.


  2. Thanks, Wm. Very interesting experience, both the interview itself and the somewhat unlikely (“unlikely” as in, “not anything I ever imagined happening”) but absolutely delightful encounter with your mom. It’s on my list of favorite unexpected things that have happened since I began blogging.


  3. Very glad you liked it, Tyler, since I understand and appreciate your own interest in language and its rhetorical doings. I look forward to seeing where you go with your own ideas on language.

    And that’s very brave–working through my old stuff. Some of that might require a jackhammer or maybe even a Caterpillar D9 (invisilink in “Caterpillar”). 😉


  4. Thanks for sharing the article. I really liked how spot- on it was, and it was good to see recent pictures. I especially loved the chapter inclusion. Inspiring to other writers, and made me want to read the book again! I forgot how much fun that book had been.


  5. The interview was a fun experience. I was going to interview Patricia originally, but I think the way it worked out was providential. And I also really like the novel excerpt. It has a nice voice.


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