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WIZ endorses the comment policies developed by Times and Seasons and WIZ’s companion blog A Motley Vision and adds the following:

1. WIZ’s focus is the artistic side of Earth stewardship and the development of an arts community focused on exploring people’s relationship to nature.  Specifically, WIZ focuses on opening up prospects for Mormon nature writing and related artistic ventures.  We expect and encourage a wide range of opinions and perspectives.  Please keep comments on topic and refrain from engaging in theological, political, or historical debates.  Discussion of green technologies may be carried out within context of post topics, but this isn’t a place to engage in out-of-the-blue arguments regarding the virtues of one technology over another or of one scientific theory or religious perspective over another.

2. WIZ strives to provide ground where academics, other kinds of professionals, artists of all sorts, and informal scholars and devotees of nature literature might interact with each other in the course of discussing blog posts.  Writers, artists, and nature lovers of all skill and experience levels are invited to participate.

3. WIZ strives to help build a community of nature artists and interested readers and students of work that focuses on people’s presence in and relationship to nature.  New voices are welcomed.  We encourage conversations that build upon and play off each other.  Especially, we encourage conversations that add to prospects for the development of an artistic community devoted to building a tradition of nature literature and exploring stewardship through narrative and lyrical language.

4. If you are a web site owner or vendor seeking to promote yourself or a product that might be of interest to WIZ and its readers, contact us.  Comments that are clearly spam or that don’t contribute meaningfully to a conversation will be dealt with.


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