Mormon Artist Magazine interviews … me

Mormon Artist Magazine has published a fun interview they did with me for their current issue.   I’ve not often been interviewed–just one phone interview where I wound up misquoted–so I appreciate Mormon Artist’s interest in my work and attention to detail during this process.

The pics accompanying are unfortunately not as fine as I’d like, but adverse conditions–high winds for the photo shoot, swarms of biting gnats, a dark work space–conspired against us in all our attempts.   We did what we could under the circumstances, which are always somewhat haphazard at Casa Karamesines.

William and Katherine Morris’ mother Linda actually conducted the interview.   It was a great pleasure to meet the source from whence sprang these two unique and talented blogging associates of mine.   I’ve known William (whom I’ve never met)   for several years now and often wondered where in the world he came from.   At last, more clues!

At WIZ’s companion blog A Motley Vision, I’ve posted, at Katherine’s suggestion, three questions and answers cut from the interview to trim length.