Thanks to WIZ’s People Month Participants

My happy thanks to everyone who participated in WIZ’s People Month.   My list of folks  for whom I’ve  felt deeply grateful includes:

Nephi Anderson (via Th.’s gravelly voice)
Mark Bennion
Tyler Chadwick
green mormon architect
Elizabeth R.

And, of course, many thanks to WIZ’s loyal readers and commenters.

I appreciate  each writer’s  help keeping People Month on WIZ interesting and fun.   We’ll do it again next year (maybe earlier), so start drawing up your People Month writing plans now.


from “Flying in a confined space” by P. G. Karamesines

In my dream, people mill at a fair, trying things they’ve never before done.   There’s horseback riding on flashy steeds and archery with brightly fletched arrows.  

At the fair’s farthermost edge, wings rest upon the green.   Their colors €”kite colors €”catch at me.   I cross the field whispering, I’ve always wanted to try this!   An attendant helps me strap into the hang-glider.   I snap helmet and goggles in place and cast myself to the wind.

Well, it turns out I’m a natural.   Within me wakes the Aufklarung of flight, of orientation with the horizon and fearlessness in the face of movement ungrounded.   I spin course by stars I cannot see and trust in winds I do not control.   Over the green I soar, in accord with a finely drawn yet constantly changing map in my blood.   I both follow and make the map as I go. Continue reading “from “Flying in a confined space” by P. G. Karamesines”

Got flight?

I thought it might be nice to make this Got Flight Week on WIZ’s People Month.   Posts this week will play with the question: Can humans fly?   If you’ve had a flying dream or other liberating experience related to flying, please, feel free to post  it in comments to this post or others published this week or submit your  flight narrative to WIZ.

One of my hobbies is collecting words carrying the meaning of €œunderstanding € and whose root words are bound up in the metaphorical pairing of perceiving and grasping €”of aligning the focus of attention on something and the physical act of laying hold  upon or seizing.   The American Heritage Dictionary gives the following definition for €œunderstand €: To perceive or comprehend the nature and significance of; grasp. See synonyms at apprehend. €   There follow three more definitions relying upon the words €œcomprehend € and €œgrasp. €   At the heart of both €œapprehend € and €œcomprehend € lies the Latin root prehendere, €œto seize. €

Here is a partial list of other words and phrases conveying the concept of understanding that contain root words set in the act of grasping or seizing: Continue reading “Got flight?”