WIZ Kids: Floral Spring by Jenna

April’s beauty carries with it rain
Wet tear drops falling from the sky
Its premier today, showing up shy
Sliding into slits in buds
Mixing itself with different muds
Slipping down my forehead
Touching my eyelashes ahead
I close my eyes to nature’s gift
While they were closed I did drift
To the month of May’s sweet, sweet scent
To view flowers and green is where I went
With sunny skies and buzzing bees
And singing birds and a wispy breeze
The rays of sun warm my pale face
Everything holds its very own grace
The life, the energy, the colors oh my
Making you never want to say goodbye
Soon enough my eyes open slow
I can’t wait now for the plants to grow
May’s essence still with me in the gray
As I look into bliss and await tomorrow’s day


Jenna is a rising 9th grader with a specialized track for Medical Services.   Jenna hopes to study medicine and become a neurologist. In her spare time she enjoys volleyball, travel, photography and hanging out with her friends.


6 thoughts on “WIZ Kids: Floral Spring by Jenna”

  1. Jenna, I love the vision quality of this poem, shown in your seeing May in April. Very exciting to experience as a reader.

    Also, you have some very fine lines in this poem. I especially like:

    Sliding into slits in buds
    Mixing itself with different muds

    Thank you so much for sending this.


  2. That was vivid to think about: all those senses awakened by Spring, all that experience during such a short time.
    Thanks for pausing time so that I could remember to do the same in my day.


  3. Jenna,

    You got talent. If your poem was categorized by poetic form it would be deemed list poem. Save your work, copyright it, and publish it like I did. I am so impressed by your poetic details. I love nature, words, and life and look forward to continuing my writing in an earthly paradise.–Psalm 37:11


  4. what a beautiful poem Jenna. You are beyond your years….. “a rising 9th grader” to say the least!! thank you for sharing this…….


  5. I have read your poem many times and love the way that you make the reader slow down and experience something very simple in a complex way. It makes me feel the same way when I look at a fine sculpture…each engraving and line placed there methodically by the artist to reveal a multi-dimensional experience.

    Keep up the interesting work and continue to share your unique and pleasing perspective with all of us!


  6. Jenna,

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am blessed and excited to see you exploring your gift and letting us all take a peek. Beautiful! Keep them coming!


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