There’s Nothing Like an Apple by Mark Penny

There’s nothing like an apple
Not a thing
In summer, fall, millenium or spring
The crisp, collapsing clutter in the mouth
Wet sugar squirting east, west, north and south


To read Mark’s other Spring Poetry Runoff Competition entries, go here and here.

*Competition entry*


9 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like an Apple by Mark Penny”

  1. You can thank a long string of really tasty apples for this one.

    I like those bits, too. I don’t know where “millennium” came from, but it fit right in. For me it has a real “After Apple Picking” feel. “Collapsing clutter” pleases me, too–on the page or in the mouth.

    Should I change “squirting” to “shooting”, though? More of a fireworky feel.


  2. “Squirting” gives more the sense that the wet sugar is under the duress of teeth and tongue, more a sense of lushness, of the natural accident of being crushed and having juice fly everywhere as a consequence.


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