When I See by Ashley Suzanne Musick

Honeybee_gathering_nectar Photo by Fifamed

That industrious black-banded yellow worker, the bee, and a dragonfly soar swiftly, silently through the sky

The glowing rosy crescent rising slowly after the iridescent sunset and the stars glinting like jewels amidst a sky as black as tar

The fresh greenery mushroom every spring and the rolling hills with their lush grassy frills

The sun shielded by a cloud as if by a shroud, illuminating its edges with its beams, and the multi-hued glow of a rainbow €”

When I see the magnificence of my environment–

I witness

The talent of the Great Artist.


Ashley Suzanne Musick was born in 1989 on the twenty-sixth of February in the California city of Fountain Valley and raised and home-schooled in Anaheim.   In 2010 she moved to southwest Kern County, where she currently works on a farm and writes in her spare time.


One thought on “When I See by Ashley Suzanne Musick”

  1. I love that nature is a direct reflection of the creator. Personality, appreciations, etc… my (mathematician) dad would always tell us when we were little that brown was his favorite color. We were appalled (little girls who loved girly colors) and he said he liked brown, and green, because he thought they must be God’s favorite colors because of how much of nature is various shades of brown and green.


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