WIZ call for submissions

While WIZ loves poetry and heartily encourages poets to continue sending their nature-romancing verse, it’s perhaps time to follow nature’s own example of protean morphologies and bring more rhetorical diversity to the site.   Hence, WIZ is issuing a call for short, creative non-fiction and fiction pieces.     If you have a nature-oriented essay or field notes that run between 500 and 1300 words, please consider sending them to WIZ.   Longer essays are welcome if they can be divided into parts.

Nature-based flash fiction or short stories running between 100 and 1300 words are also welcome.   Excerpts from longer stories or novels up to 1300 words are encouraged–though pieces may run longer if they can be broken into multiple parts.

Please read WIZ’s submissions guide before sending your work.   Then electronically submit your work either to wilderness@motleyvision.org or to pk.wizadmin@gmail.com.