Victorian Violet Press seeks poetry

Victorian Violet Press editor Karen Kelsay, a frequent contributor to WIZ, sent this announcement:

Victorian Violet Press, an online poetry magazine, is seeking submissions for the December issue. Please check out the magazine to get an idea of what type of poetry is published. You can find the magazine here.

Guidelines: Our taste in poetry is eclectic, but these subjects are preferred: inspirational, poetry for children, poetry about children, nature and life. Formal and free verse are both accepted, we particularly enjoy metrical poems that have lyricism, originality, accessibility and beauty.

Poems should not be obscure or overly abstract and should have a strong element of rhythm and a strong metrical element whether they are free verse or formalist.

Send 3-5 poems pasted in the body of an email with your name in the subject line. Simultaneous submissions and previously published poems are okay. Please wait three months after your last submission, before sending more poetry.


Coupla links

First off, frequent WIZ contributor Karen Kelsay invited me to submit poetry to her online poetry journal Victorian Violet Press, where I’m the featured poet for her summer issue.      Victorian Violet Press also nominated “The Pear Tree” for a Pushcart Prize.     Thanks, Karen!  

You can hear me read “The Pear Tree” here.

Second: If you’re one of the few folks who haven’t yet visted the British Petroleum live spillcam, click here.

Scroll down to “Live feeds from Enterprise” and click into either ROV 1 or ROV 2.   After a series of failures, beginning with the failure to plan for catastrophe, BP has placed a cap on the stub and is in the process of closing vents in the cap.   The petroleum giant is now pumping oil onto a ship but details are sketchy at this point.   Warning:  viewing the live feed can become addictive, rather like watching an aquarium gone horribly wrong.   One or the other camera may  go off-line from time to time.