Cosmic Turtles, Part Four

Although Turtle is a trickster of the highest order, it is true also that Turtle may be tricked.   When this happens €”when the trickster’s trickster is tricked €”you may be sure the world has tipped out of balance.

Every year along the southeastern and gulf state coastlands of the U.S., females of several sea turtle species such as the loggerhead turtle, the green sea turtle, Ridley’s turtle, and the leatherback, their bellies full of eggs, approach land from the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean, flapping through the water like short-billed birds.   Migrations begin in March and, one species following another, last through September (1). Continue reading “Cosmic Turtles, Part Four”


Cosmic Turtles, Part Two

Beside serving as the foundation of the world, Turtle surfaces in folk literature as the trickster’s trickster. It may surprise some to learn that Turtle has the smarts necessary to get the best of flimflammers like Jackal and even Anansi, the trickster spider, but then surprise is part of the strategy. Continue reading “Cosmic Turtles, Part Two”