“Spring-Eh-Field” by Gabriel Aresti Jr.

Naturally we’re turning romantic
I guess it’s age
But maybe we were just like this
From the very beginning.
Spring it’s coming, see the birds,
She says,
I say
Yeah, spring is close
It’s the greatest time of the year

She says,
I say,
Yeah, mine too.
But I can’t help but keep on
Thinking what the heck
Has to do spring
With my favourite team’s winning streak.
I guess it’s age
But maybe I was this dumb since
I was up that first morning
When nobody
Was expecting me.
She stops watching the ocean
And turns round to look right into my eyes
Let me tell you this
Are as wide as thin as blue
As the bluest thinnest widest body of water
You could ever use
To make up a poetic image of any kind.
I love you,
And she tries to act as if she really does
I love you too,
And we both smile
And we both kiss
And we both go back to our personal thoughts
Just a second before
I finish the spring poem with a mathematic equation
That demonstrates
That age has nothing to do with stupidity:
Talking about spring,
Isn’t it today when they release the new Simpsons’ episodes?


Gabriel Aresti Jr. is the pen name of Ángel Chaparro Sainz.   Ángel was born in Barakaldo, Basque Country, northeastern Spain around 1976. Currently, he is a professor of English at the University of the Basque Country where he has been teaching literature, poetry and history as well. Some of his short stories have been published in Deia newspaper and some other anthologies after being winners of contest such as Villa de Gordexola, Ciudad de Eibar or Ortzadar–all of them in the Basque Country. He runs a literary blog called lasenoritaeggsphueler.blosgpot.com but it’s a brand new project.

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