Theodicy (for Connecticut) by Jonathon Penny

Toppled_Stone_in_St.John's_Graveyard by Calum McRoberts

I’d rather it had been a whimper than a bang €”
The way the year went out €”
In dim-lit winter, while the choirs sang;
I’d trade those screams for joyful Christmas shouts.

I’d mar those deaths with lowdown, high-rise, hallowed Birth,
Were I the wondrous Way,
Cast out the grieving from the hall of mirth;
I’d give that love-lit night for darkened day.

I’d spare no cherub angel, nor her flaming sword
To guard that Eden’s gate €”
Would perish one, were I the two-edged Word;
I’d pinch and pluck the sickly cells of hate.

But I am not I AM. And we’ve been here before:
Clean blood has darkened soil
For all of earth’s trite time, and grief and gore
Alike are her familiars, are Salvation’s foil.

As it always does, a haggard, flagging wisdom
Occasions comfort rare:
Our view is short, His long; He takes them home;
All that would be undone were He to interfere,

And He will not; but He’s not silent €”Heaven weeps
For sinners and for saints
Alike; for all, alike, were heavenly once, and His,
Bought for pearly price, deposited for taints,

And mantle-made. Perhaps such comfort’s cold right now.
But then, it’s winter there.
The leaves lie bitter brown. A shroud of snow
Might clothe the vacant, precious dead, and clear the screaming air.


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Photo by Calum McRoberts   by way of Wikimedia Commons Images.


Consider Christ our Saviour by Jonathon Penny

331cristoXV(warmwhite)exp by J. Kirk Richards

Consider Christ our Saviour: an Eventual Pastoral

Divine in nature, nurtured in a crèche
Born to woman, subject to the flesh

In parts and passions ever one of us
Slow to anger, angered nonetheless

Meek and mighty, normal to behold
Man of sorrows, joy of fallen worlds

Bread of life, made hungry by the lack
Twice-crossed Lamb, and bridger of doom’s crack

He is both paradox and its solution
The bringer of the barren to fruition

A beast of burden, lowly in His field
Who, by His bearing, harvests what He healed

J. Kirk Richards‘ “Cristo XV” used with permission. For more from Jonathon Penny, see here.

The Three Degrees of Glory by Adam K. K. Figueira

The Three Degrees of Glory by Adam Figueira2

For Adam’s detailed explanation of his graphic piece, “The Three Degrees of Glory,” go here.   If you would like to buy a print of “The Three Degrees of Glory,” go here.


Adam K. K. Figueira was born to the east of where he lives now, but then went west, and back towards the middle again. In addition to dabbling in filmmaking and other visual arts, he has a passion for historical European swordsmanship. He can also make you a book cover. His greatest achievements are all girls, and that doesn’t appear to be changing in the foreseeable future. Adam’s work is available to read and/or watch at his blog,  Anew; at LDS Cinema Online; his  YouTube channel; and his professional site,

To see more of his artwork, go here, here, here, and here.

To watch Adam’s very interesting entry into the 2011 LDS Film Festival, go here.