A Rabbit And The Moon by Sally Cook

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Brief moments there, when planets held in sway

A sun, some stars, a rabbit on the lawn;

Lush leaves and seeds which flourished, then were gone

Leaving green, glowing scented scenes of day

To frame each moment worthy of this place

Where memory, like jewels kept in a box,

Or quick and furtive movements of a fox,

Seems fated to disintegrate in place.


For such an errant beauty cannot last

And dark delights will swallow it too soon.

Then thought intrudes on us, and we presume

A little twilight from the recent past

Means nothing—like a rabbit or the moon,

It can’t compare to chaos, wars and doom.




Sally Cook is a widely published poet and painter of Magic Realist paintings, particularly inspired by nature and its vagaries. A five-time nominee for a Pushcart award, in 2007 she was featured poet in The Raintown Review, and received several prizes and  honorable mentions in the World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poet’s Contest. An interview and e-book, Measured by Song, are available on-line. Her chapbook, Making Music, is available through Amazon.


Painting by the poet.