the coming of spring by Linda Crate

800px-Sturnella_neglecta2 (western meadowlark singing, image by John and Karen Hollingsworth is in the U.S. public domain)

The larks trilled their cries that
Nested in my ears in birdsong.

I saw the thaw of winter had begun.

Soon spring would rush in on her
Pastel heels bringing forth blooms.


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the bully: winter by Linda Crate

Train_stuck_in_snow (photo taken 29 March 1881 by Emer and Tenney, Southern Minnesota, USA--public domain image)

the hand of winter stretched out
his grey gloves and poured snow
out of his pitcher it fell upon the
world in cold numbing waves it
washed away all the colors of fall €”

it beat back my favorite lilies into
the hand of white dust like people
are prone to beat one another into
the dust for a sense of self worth. I
don’t understand why winter thinks

he needs to be such a bully he beats
his cold fiercely upon the land blasts
his wailing banshee winds upon the
zephyr and rips remaining leaf missives
from trees with such force they yelp.


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a reflection made in snow by Linda Crate

428px-Snow_in_Colarado_in_the_United_States_of_America by Tim McCabe (public domain image)

I watched as the white of snow
starched the earth clean of sins €”

like the Savior washed me white
by his blood.   It seemed a stark

contrast of his shedding white for
red and the earth shedding scarlet

for white, but I think He favors the
irony just as much as we do. I stood

in the bone numbing cold of winter,
letting its reflection embrace me tight.


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