Bowl of Petunias by Michael Lee Johnson


If you must leave me please
leave me for something special,
like a beautiful bowl of petunias ˆ’
for when the memories leak
and cracks appear
and old memories fade,
flowers rebuff bloom,
sidewalks fester weeds
and we both lie down
separately from each other
for the very last time.


Michael Lee Johnson is a poet from Itasca, Illinois. He’s also a freelance writer and small business owner of custom imprinted promotional products and apparel: He lived in Canada for 10 years during the Vietnam era. His writing has been published in 23 countries. Michael is also the editor/publisher of five poetry sites that can be accessed through his Web site: All five sites are open to submissions. His published works are available through his Web site above and through, Borders Books, iUniverse and

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