Field Notes #11: Winter Solstice 2010, Part Two

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As the archaeologist and I pushed uphill through sage and rabbit brush, he stopped to explain, quite diplomatically and in precise language, that he was in the canyon doing work pursuant to the BLM’s weighing a county government proposal to establish an ATV right-of-way through Crossfire, length to be determined.   Having lately become one of the canyon’s resident creatures, I found this information intriguing. Continue reading “Field Notes #11: Winter Solstice 2010, Part Two”

The Downstream Principle of Language

I’ve cross-posted this over at the onymous blog Times and Seasons  in  follow up to a three-part series I wrote there a couple years back.   If you wish to read the original series, the introduction to the T &S post contains links to all three parts.

September 17th marked the two-year anniversary of the closing of Crossfire Canyon (real name: Recapture Canyon) to off-highway vehicular (OHV) travel.   Since then, the canyon has become an even more volatile epicenter of rhetorical and legal power struggles over land use policy.   Private citizens, environmental and off-road advocacy groups, and the federal government have all entered dogs in the fight. Continue reading “The Downstream Principle of Language”