Announcing a new feature: Retro Reviews

Over the last couple of years, my family’s home business has moved into reproducing public domain documents, movies, and other materials to sell on that juggernaut Ebay and, eventually, on our own website.   Recently, I became more involved with writing auction descriptions for old films, some from as far back as the 30s.   To save time (or to employ the illusion of time in a practical manner), I tried writing descriptions from synopses others have written but discovered that many weren’t reliable.   One synopsis writer would seem to have watched an entirely different movie from another writer profiling the same movie.   So to set down the most accurate descriptions I   could, I gave in and started watching the movies I needed to describe.   The job has its ups and downs, but I’m picking up interesting facts and ideas from both the heights, the depths, and the fair-to-middling cinematic ground of Hollywood’s fairest dreams … and unintentional nightmares. Continue reading “Announcing a new feature: Retro Reviews”