Nature photos by Virginia R., 4th grade

Path Through Pennsylvania Woods by Virginia

Tree with Lichen by Virginia

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Virginia is in 4th grade and enjoys the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. She has started exploring photography since her father found her a digital camera at Goodwill. Nature is a favorite subject for her to take pictures of.   You can find more of Virginia’s work posted on WIZ here.


California Summer by Michael Lee Johnson

Carlsbad Sunset

Coastal warm breeze
off   Santa Monica, California
the sun turns salt
shaker upside down
and it rains white smog, humid mist.
No thunder, no lightening,
nothing else to do
except sashay
forward into liquid
and swim
into eternal days
like this.


For more poetry by Michael Lee Johnson and a bio, click here.

Indolent Sun by Michael Lee Johnson

Indolent Sun

In early March
an indolent sun
persists in tossing
volunteer rays of
soft flickering sun silk
through dark desolate
willow tree branches-
melting remnants
of snow diamond crystals
from weathered wooden planks
on my balcony.
I’m starting to think life
is an adjective exaggerated
by the sway of seasons.
It’s normal feeding time.
Below two floors
wild Canadian geese
wait impatiently
for the tossing of morning feed;
the silent sound they hear–
no dropping of the seed.


Michael Lee Johnson is a poet and freelance writer from Itasca, Illinois.   He is heavy influenced by   Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, and Allen Ginsberg.   His new poetry chapbook with pictures, titled From Which Place the Morning Rises, and his new photo version of The Lost American: from Exile to Freedom are available at: The original version of The Lost American: from Exile to Freedom, can be found at:     He also has two previous chapbooks available at: Michael has been published in over 23 countries. He is also editor/publisher of four poetry sites, all open for submission, which can be found at his Web site:   All of his books are now available on &field-keywords=michael+lee+johnson.   Borders: Now on You-Tube: E-mail:

WIZ Kids: Nature photos by Elizabeth R.

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Ancient chipmunk hole below the Pin Oak, in Fall

Ancient   chipmunk hole below the pin oak

This burrow has been used for many generations of chipmunks.

Early moon rise in my back yard

Early moonrise in my backyard

Taken in Pennsylvania

View of the Kiskiminetas River through a stand of trees, springtime

View of the Kiskiminetas River through a stand of trees, springtime

Taken in Pennsylvania


Elizabeth is thirteen years old and enjoys writing and photography. Capturing the magic and beauty of nature is a talent she hopes to be able to expand to its fullest potential someday.