Look with Wonder on the World by Jonathon Penny

The poet and his maker regard each other.

Look with wonder on the world
And on the walkers in the world
Familiar and strange as if on God,
For gods they are, unknowing.

Look wonderful on dear ones.

Look on them dear and full of good
As thimble wine and broken bread,
As grove and garden careful grown
And sacred, sorry, bloodied stone.

Look well with wonder on your soul
And on the lovers of your soul
Familiar and brave who love as God
And better; for, unknowing
You are one and wonderful, they, too,
With love and wonder, look on you.

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Photo at top of page: The poet and his maker regard each other.


4 thoughts on “Look with Wonder on the World by Jonathon Penny”

  1. I have had cause the last few days to find myself in clouds of wonder over some of the people in my life, including students.

    This poem (especially the second stanza) has come, gone, and come again to mind as I’ve thought over recent experiences. Actually, I’ve wanted to sing these words as I’ve done said thinking.


  2. Struck by your comment about the third verse paragraph–that set of four lines that are, no question, the most lyrical–I recalled what I was looking for in the structural conceit: not an interruption, but space for reflection and wonder: romantic pauses that invite the reader to reach out for her own correlatives and not let mine crowd out the experience of the poem. I hope it worked for you, PK, that way.


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