As nature beckons to the desolate machine by Steven L. Peck


Peck 1
Peck 2
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Steve PeckSteven L. Peck is a professor of evolutionary ecology. His publishing history includes lots of scientific work for which he gets paid. Creative works include three novels: The Scholar of Moab, A Short Stay in Hell, and the YA fantasy, Rifts of Rime. He has published poetry and short stories in numerous venues, and a collection of Poetry called Incorrect Astronomy was published last year by Aldrich Press. Absolutely no one has read it. More on his writing can be found here.

Forbidden Planet poster courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


7 thoughts on “As nature beckons to the desolate machine by Steven L. Peck”

  1. Love the immagination in this piece. You are not shy about trying unconventional things. A poem about human, robot love that ties back into the whole beauty & the beast, King Kong and the woman in white theme, which is really, in the end, I think, about society’s perceptions of men vs women, love and vulnerability and being something possibly.monstrous and also full of a desire for an unnattainable thing.

    I love the imagination and playfulness & even a tiny edge of tongue in cheek, humor, in some moments of this piece. Amazing.


  2. Very interesting and entertaining. I took the robot imagery as more metaphorical than literal. So many of us feel like robots when dealing with the opposite sex!


  3. Great seeing the various sci-fi themes at WIZ. I enjoyed this poetry capturing that sense of nearly irreconcilable differences between species (?), or rather, makers(?).


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