Serendipity by Merrijane Rice

Erickson Image 1

The sunset splashes honey colors wide
and floods the valley floor with golden light.
It laps the mountains on the other side
before it circles down the drain of night.

Upon the dark blue dusk, the moon floats high,
adrift within the last of twilight’s glow.
Too early for the stars to fleck the sky,
the city lights take up the task below.

I’m one such light, now flowing through a stream
of weekday traffic like a shooting star.
By merest chance, I caught this evening’s dream
because I had to navigate my car

from basketball to piano for my son.
Thank heaven for the errands I must run.

MRice-HeadshotMerrijane is a resident of Kaysville, Utah, where the mountains loom large, the sky is beautiful even when it’s gray, and the geese are always just passing through. She loves nature in a literary sense, often drawing from it to write poetry. But do not even think about trying to take her camping unless there is a structure nearby with functional plumbing.

Photo by Nicholas Tonelli, 2007, via Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “Serendipity by Merrijane Rice”

  1. Prayer-like, meditation-like. I like.

    Especially, I like these lines:

    By merest chance, I caught this evening’s dream
    because I had to navigate my car

    These lines sank down through me.


  2. That is just lovely. The rhyme scheme is subtle and adds music to the poem. As a busy mother, I can relate such quiet. fleeting, yet refreshing moments of beauty. Well done!


  3. That was a really good poem. It reminds me of an evening not long ago when as I was just leaving work I saw the most spectacular sunset I probably ever saw. I had to pull over and photograph it so I could remember. Sometimes we get those brief moments that God reminds us that he is there.


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