A Poem for Mother’s Day by Jonathon Penny

Mother's Day

Dear you,
You first best cradle
And progenitor of oval me,
You waddle-walked me oblong
Into life and world. It wasn’t cake,
Though there was no doubt some of that
And has been once a year or so in honor of
My coming out. Some may, but I have not forgotten
That you had to push, and did, and have and
Have again you best cradle, you, you
Make and baker, cradler and most
Comforter; you teacher, giver,
Keeper, loser, loved begetter,
Wise and wander-letter;
You all of this and,
Sometimes, less
And more; you
First you.

Jonathon Penny has been around.

*Not for competition*


4 thoughts on “A Poem for Mother’s Day by Jonathon Penny”

  1. A nice, mother-son moment on WIZ. Lovely, of good report, praiseworthy, and fun. (I’m sure the beloved drafter of the 13th AofF meant to include “fun” in an otherwise comprehensive list.)


  2. My favorite lines “it wasn’t cake, but there was no doubt some of that”

    And I love how your word-belly has an outie belly button.

    I love.

    And fun should definitely be a part of Paul’s admonition. Sometimes we serious saints do have to be admonished in that area.


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