Natural Day of Prayer by Cynthia Hallen

Because it is May, and the sun
Yawns over the mountain —
The birds turn into accountants —
Grass dews under the Day

Because it is Thine, and the trees
Grow next to the hedges —
The way connects to the edges
Of sky — And life is mine

Because it is Spring, and the air
Dawns out of the canyon —
The east reviews golden banners —
Nature’s prayer bids us sing.

7 May 2009, Provo, Utah
Cynthia Hallen is a poet and professor living in Utah. Her full bio is available here.

*Competition entry*


2 thoughts on “Natural Day of Prayer by Cynthia Hallen”

  1. I like the rhyme scheme. I especially enjoyed the way you’ve divvied things up between you and God. His is the mechanics of Dew and you live because it is Spring. What I want from this poem is more about birds as accountants. I love (love!) that image. I used to have a pair of finches in a cage that sounded like adding machines tallying when they called to each other. What is a finch’s debit and where do cardinals keep their ledgers?


  2. The idea of our connection with nature is a particularly salient one around springtime, where I think even the most concrete entrenched humans can’t ignore the world waking up around them. I love how you express the way the change of season is impossible to ignore and gets animals (and people) going.


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