Monster by Ashley Suzanne Musick

800px-Dust_Storm_-_NOAA public domain photo2

Through the atmosphere, without a whisper,

Approaches the unseen monster before

Proclaiming its presence with a shrill

Eardrum-rupturing howl and the icy bite of its breath,

Pummeling individual humans and other large creatures,

Tossing around like toys minute items,

Tearing tarps off the objects they protect

And casting a fine film of dirt into the air,

Diluting sunlight and blinding every eye

As the monster makes its way across the ground …

The wind has arrived.


Ashley Suzanne Musick was born in Fountain Valley, California, on February 26th, 1989, and raised and homeschooled in Anaheim. In 2010, she moved to southwest Kern County, where she lives and works on a farm and writes in her spare time.   To see more of her work, go here and here.


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