Heather McWeather by Percival P. Pennywhistle

Heather McWeather Screenshot


To satisfy any curiosity you might have about the Professor and enjoy more of his artful aperçus sprinkled about on WIZ, go here, here, here, and here.


6 thoughts on “Heather McWeather by Percival P. Pennywhistle”

  1. The Professor offers two clarifying notes:

    1. Like “Make like a tree,” “Heather McWeather” is an example of €œconcrete poetry, € but that isn’t what it’s made of. Which is a good thing, because the editor should never have been able to cut and paste it on this website if it had been, at least not without slipping a disk or two.

    2. A €œgamut € is not a kind of fish.


  2. Miss Dunster, the Professor suggests that this is because you are very like the titular character in the poem, and opines further that this is a very good way to be. Predictable and plain is, well, self-explanatorily tedious. He applauds, therefore, your perspicacity, alacrity, and excellent taste in poetry.


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