The Three Degrees of Glory by Adam K. K. Figueira

The Three Degrees of Glory by Adam Figueira2

For Adam’s detailed explanation of his graphic piece, “The Three Degrees of Glory,” go here.   If you would like to buy a print of “The Three Degrees of Glory,” go here.


Adam K. K. Figueira was born to the east of where he lives now, but then went west, and back towards the middle again. In addition to dabbling in filmmaking and other visual arts, he has a passion for historical European swordsmanship. He can also make you a book cover. His greatest achievements are all girls, and that doesn’t appear to be changing in the foreseeable future. Adam’s work is available to read and/or watch at his blog,  Anew; at LDS Cinema Online; his  YouTube channel; and his professional site,

To see more of his artwork, go here, here, here, and here.

To watch Adam’s very interesting entry into the 2011 LDS Film Festival, go here.


2 thoughts on “The Three Degrees of Glory by Adam K. K. Figueira”

  1. Interesting. I am not that great at interpreting visual artworks, but that depiction at the top, of the lizard’s eye, was especially striking to me.

    And I have to say your bio made me laugh. As the mother of 5 girls and 1 son, I relate.


  2. I was pleased with myself that I immediately ‘got’ the eye for the highest kingdom. I wondered about the entire iguana choice, and as I considered it, it simply charmed and charmed. Thank you for your explanation and especially for using iguanas. They have such a way of looking upon their world, and they are beautiful colors.


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