Desert Aspens by Saul Karamesines

Grand Gulch Desert Aspens in Spring


By my son Saul.   Love this picture.


3 thoughts on “Desert Aspens by Saul Karamesines”

  1. Absolutely lovely, Patricia. Also the other one I spotted with the texture and shadows that Saul did. I’ve been very busy– editing a new anthology and with a bunch of new projects at the office. Trying to catch up with my favourite websites this weekend.


  2. Yes, I really like this picture. It was interesting to come upon aspens in the low country, growing around bounders and rock walls. Someone told me that this particular tree system’s origins in the desert canyon where we came across it date back to the Pleistocene era. I guess that makes it a living fossil.

    Good luck with your editing, Carla. Keep in touch.


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