Runoff Rerun: Naming Spring by Sandra Skouson

Today the secret names of everything
come back, the ancient names.
Tribe-of-the-morning names
call to me from the wind, which I know
as shut-your-eyes-breath,
hands-over-your-ears, gone-with-the-ice-song,
Smell-of-dogwood; it is called,

Daffodil has become again

This morning has its own name,
separate from all other mornings,

And now spring has brought
to make soft soil in the garden
where I kneel for the first time
on the almost-warm-gift-to-growing
and work my spade toward summer.


Sandra Skouson won the Utah Arts Council prize in poetry for a book-length manuscript in 2004.   In 1996 she won the Arts Council prize for ten poems.   Her poems have appeared in Petroglyph, Ellipsis, and Great and Peculiar Beauty: A Utah Reader. She is the mother of nine children, the grandmother of 30 really adorable grandchildren.   To read more of her work, go here and here.

“Naming Spring” first ran during WIZ’s 2010 Spring Poetry Runoff.   I’ve chosen it from the host of last spring’s really fine offerings   for a Runoff Rerun–a second showing and a stunning kick-off for this year’s festivities.

*contest entry*


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