Thank you, LONNOL participants!


Wilderness Interface Zone would like to thank participants who made our Love of Nature, Nature of Love Month such a pretty thing this time around.   The list includes:

Karen Kelsay
Jonathon Penny
Tyler Chadwick
Lou Davies James
Judith Curtis
Michael Lee Johnson

You all helped WIZ celebrate love and nature with heart and high style.   Thanks so much.

Also, thanks go to our readers and commenters, too.   There’s still plenty of room open on our giveaways of The Charge at Feather River and South of Pago Pago.   Please take advantage of one or the other of these offers so that we may extend small tokens of our appreciation for your following WIZ.

Also, as an aside, WIZ’s 3rd Annual Spring Poetry Runoff Contest and Celebration will open on the vernal equinox, March 19.   Please make a note of its pending arrival and watch for announcements detailing this year’s activities and prizes.

Again, hugs of gratitude to you, contributors to and followers of WIZ, for your happy presence here.


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