Have You Seen the Glory of God by Travis Burnham

€œHave you seen the glory of God? €
I asked my son one night
As we gazed at starlight
He didn’t even nod.

No cityscape to block the rays
From remote celestial beings.
Not brilliant Luna in full array
Can keep us from seeing,

Andromeda, with glorious crown,
Her aged light is found;
Whom Perseus saved anciently
Has now found her own galaxy.

Sirius, Thuban, Polaris,
The stars in radiance shine.
€œLook, € I said, €œsee that line?
The Milky Way that is. €

The midnight sky clothed in light,
The world has never seemed so bright.
A mortal view of eternity;
Enough to set one free.

Again I asked my son,
€œHave you seen the glory of God? €
He held a maple leaf up to the moon,
With a smile and nod.


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