Vote for your favorite Spring Poetry Runoff 2010 poems

Thanks to great participation, WIZ’s Spring Poetry Runoff Celebration ran halfway through spring.   Now it’s time for followers of and participants in the contest to make their preferences known.   Here at WIZ, we all get to be poetry judges for five days–part of the informal nature of this contest.   But rather than restrict each judge (that’s you) to just one vote, we’re asking each voter to choose her or his 3 favorite poems of the 21 eligible for the contest.   The poll opens today and runs until 10:00 p.m. (Utah time) Friday, May 7.

While readers and participants choose the winner(s) of the Spring Poetry Runoff Contest Popular Vote Award, WIZ admin will be choosing the winner of the Spring Poetry Runoff Admin Award.   Winners of both awards will be announced in a post on Monday, May 10.

Winners will receive as prizes either Lance Larsen’s Backyard Alchemy or Warren Hatch’s Mapping the Bones of the World.

Rules for voting:

1.   Each voter should select his or her 3 favorite poems of the 21 eligible.
2.   Each voter can vote only one time–no multiple-vote-ballot-box-stuffing shenanigans, please.
3.   Voters are encouraged to read every poem before voting.  Click here to read all of the eligible poems. Please note: Because there are 21 poems total, you’ll need to click on “Previous Entries” twice in order to read them all. The full text of longer poems won’t display on the list pages, so right clicking and opening each poem in a new tab or window is a good approach.
4.   Participating poets and WIZ readers may encourage friends and family members to read and vote.
5.   All participating poets are encouraged to vote whether their poems were published in the contest category or in the non-contest category.

Instructions for voting:

Click on the small square box next to the name of the poem that you wish to choose.   A green or black check mark will appear in that box.   If you accidentally check mark the wrong box or change your mind, simply click on the box again and the check mark will disappear.   After you have check-marked your 3 favorite poems (you will see 3 check marks on the page), click on the “Vote” box at the bottom of the page.   Clicking on that box will end your voting session, so be sure you’ve finished voting before you click “Vote.”   To see the tally of votes so far, click “View Results.”

[poll id=”3″]


3 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite Spring Poetry Runoff 2010 poems”

  1. You just keep getting better Karen. I’m glad you are exercising your talents. They are growing by leaps and bounds. Congratulations!


  2. Just posting a reminder that voting closes tonight at 10:00 p.m. U.S. Mountain Daylight Time. I appreciate deeply everyone’s participation, from the poets to the readers and voters.

    So if you haven’t voted yet, please factor the time zone into your voting scheme. Enthusiasm is valued, and let’s keep the voting clean.

    Thanks, all.


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