“What the Mormons Taught Me About Spring and More” by Gabriel Aresti Jr.

I was getting cold feeling bored going down the road again
This was yesterday
But I like to use the past simple tense so it looks even further away
So I told my girlfriend
I think I’m going through a brand new crisis
What crisis?
She sat up and smiled as wide as she could
That kind of crisis, you know
That kind of crisis, you know? You mean the same crisis you have
Every ten of the month when you get your unemployment’s check?

Sort of
Man, she lay down again
You’re tiring you know that
But this also sounds completely different if you read it in Spanish,
Believe me it’s spring here and we have a couple azaleas which
Are beginning to blossom even if we live in a cold and wet place.
So I thought it could be good to change the topic:
Spring is coming slowly this year
She nodded
We could go for a walk some of these days
She nodded again
Let the spirit of spring bring new energy to our bodies
She looked right into my eyes,
When are you going to finish that dissertation?
Voices and lights sparkling and dancing on TV set
Why do you say that?
She didn’t nod, she didn’t look, she didn’t even take care for her words
You’re getting too-too spiritual lately.
I was getting cold feeling bored going down the road again
This was yesterday
But I have no other way than to resort again to future tense:
I will tell you one thing, sweetie,
I learnt a lot of things from those Mormons
And one of the things you’ll learn about me
Is that I’ve always been that spiritual anyway
We all are that spiritual when spring comes
But Mormons are like that all the year around.

She turned round round round very slow like spring coming
This year
She turned turned turned round and looked right into my eyes
Kept on smiling
And I gave her back a mirroring copy
Those Mormons are making you look really-really handsome
And we kissed
This was yesterday
And I was getting cold feeling bored going down the road again
But spring was coming
And Mormons taught me that every season
Is a new reason to frown a smile.


For Gabriel’s bio and other entries, click here and here.

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