“Happy” by Mary-Celeste Lewis

‘Twas yesterday I saw a crack
That stretched across the sky.
It pushed the silken curtains back
And hung the trees to dry.

It glittered gold €”A shining slice
Of glorious pearly cream
And shattered all the sadness ’round
With its single shining beam.


Mary-Celeste Lewis has golden hair, blue eyes, and loves to play with her nieces and nephews.   When she’s not whimsically gazing off into the distance and composing terribly maudlin poetry, she enjoys writing YA fiction and singing opera.   She’s currently an undergraduate student at BYU, majoring in Humanities and loving the single life.   Occasionally, she even updates her blog: http://roses-sunshine-happiness.blogspot.com/

*Contest entry*


2 thoughts on ““Happy” by Mary-Celeste Lewis”

  1. Oh my goodness, me too. Absolutely delighted with the diversity. And there’s still lots to come, nearly two weeks’ worth.

    The light structure of Mary-Celeste’s poem and some of the images throw off echoes of Emily Dickinson, especially in the last two lines of the first stanza.


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