Isotope becomes budget cut winterkill

I was saddened yesterday to discover that Isotope–one of my favorite literary science and nature writing journals €”is falling to budget cuts at Utah State University.   Here’s the link from editor Chris Cokinos announcing the journal’s demise.

Of possible interest to readers are the other magazines Cokinos mentions: Orion, Ecotone, Terrain, Flyway and Hawk and Handsaw.

Here are links to webpages or submissions guidelines for these journals:

Ecotone (Fall 2010 issue has a sex and death theme)
Hawk and Handsaw

Here are a few more links to mags:
High Country News
Camus (submission period for this year barely ended)

Hopefully, this list will be of use to some readers.   If you are aware of any nature writing journals we could add to this list, please leave names and links in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Isotope becomes budget cut winterkill”

  1. I’ve been rejected by Isotope but was working on projects I thought might be more to their liking.

    In an earlier incarnation, Isotope used to be Petroglyph. In that, I did publish. Then they redesigned themselves, trying to shift the often bi-polar nature of much nature writing–either rapture or rant–into something more grounded (although, IMO, rapture or rant retained somewhat weakened grasps on some of the work published there). The idea was to bring science into the picture and develop a tradition of more evidential writing, hopefully bringing a more even-tempered tone into the business. I thought that a very good idea.

    Anyway, a good lesson for me on putting off ’til tomorrow. I so wanted to publish in this journal.


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