Video Valentine by Adam K. K. Figueira

Adam writes of this video Valentine that he made it for his “wife and (if the latest ultrasound is correct) five daughters …   I think it fits your theme this month, and the connection to nature should be obvious.”


Adam K. K. Figueira was born to the east of where he lives now, but then went west, and back towards the middle again. He doesn’t see himself as a figure of any importance, but he likes to watch, make, and write about films, particularly LDS films. His greatest achievements are all girls, and that doesn’t appear to be changing in the foreseeable future. Adam’s work is available to read and/or watch at his blog, Anew; Toward an LDS Cinema, the other blog he writes for; his YouTube channel; and his professional site,


10 thoughts on “Video Valentine by Adam K. K. Figueira”

  1. Mostly After Effects (using built-in effects and Trapcode Particular 2), but the two opening titles, audio sync, and encoding for the Web and Blu-ray was done in Premiere Pro. Blu-ray authoring was done in Adobe Encore.

    Other Credits:

    Petal texture taken from a Creative Commons licensed photo by ConstructionDealMkting

    Music is Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod – also used under Creative Commons licensing.

    I love Creative Commons, BTW. Although the vast majority of work on this piece is original, having a couple of good stock items is priceless.


  2. Oh, yeah. All those Adobe programs were CS3 versions, in case you were curious.

    I welcome any critical feedback anyone feels inclined to give. I can certainly see flaws and I’m interested to know what others see.


  3. .

    Here’s a flaw for you, Adam (winkwink), the pace at which the words appeared made it hard for me to pace my reading. I’m curious if it’s just me or if others had that issue as well.


  4. Yeah, Th.

    You literary types are clearly not very practiced at interpreting visual languages. 😉

    But seriously, do you mean the pause between the second and third instances of the quotation or do you mean the quickness of the animation during each instance (I understood the latter by your comment)?


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