Guest Post: “Hymn of Autumn,” by Karen Kelsay

When the moon becomes a mellow pear
on twilight’s bough, and stars swirl up like maple leaves
before they’re swept into the dawn, I’ve often
walked this garden where the voice of whippoorwills

would carry remnant melodies across long, dusky
hours. At times I feel this eastern breeze has lifted
me, somehow, beyond the soft-lit sloping fields
and conifer lined hills. To lands where only goldenrod

has known me by my smile, and dampness soothes
the head of every yellow aster bloom. Tonight, before
the morning’s crest of ruby will extend through broken
clouds, I whisper prayers again to autumn:
take me there once more.


“Hymn to Autumn” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.   It was published in Joyful!, an online Christian magazine, in October.

For Karen’s bio, go here.   (Scroll down to end.)


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